Honor and Celebration

We are a nonprofit organization that wants to emphasize the care of the widowed through the granting of wishes.

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Paying it Forward

The wishes we grant will vary from small and simple to grand and extraordinary. Either way, A widows wish foundation will be engaging/asking/encouraging the community in an avalanche of “Pay It Forward” opportunities for this deserving and often forgotten population.
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Wishes can come true, we've seen it.

Widows are a part of our society that often don’t get the attention they deserve and that’s often because they are too busy helping others instead of seeking attention or praise. We believe that it’s not only important, but vital to return the favor by helping as many widows as we can by fulfilling some of their wishes.

Since we started we’ve been able to see the joy in the eyes of the widows we’ve worked with and the gratitude they have for the many people who came together to help them fulfill their wishes.

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If you’d like to help spread the word about A Widow’s Wish, you can purchase and wear or share some of our company shirts and bags.

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